When your car or truck's air conditioning stops working in this part of the country, you need to get it fixed in a hurry...

And that's what we do!

Been doin' it around here for over 21 years.

For people in Alabama, Georgia and Florida...

Places like Dothan, Enterprise, Ozark and Ft. Rucker... Donalsonville, Blakely, Bainbridge and Colquitt... Marianna, Graceville, Bonifay, Destin and Panama City.

With over 100 years combined experience, there's nothing we haven't seen, replaced, or fixed... on every make and model... new and old... big and small... foreign and domestic.

Plus, we're the only automotive air conditioning repair shop in the Tri-States area, with over $200,000 worth of A/C inventory... that's over a thousand A/C compressors - and hundreds of hoses - in stock, and ready to go!

Which means we can get your repair going in a hurry.

Call Dean or Roger now at (334) 794-4277...and get your cool back!

Lafayette Auto Air... The Coolest Repair Shop in the Wiregrass!

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